Who are Ace Home Extensions?

When it comes to home extensions, it’s all about quality. There are hundreds of companies offering home extension services and the majority of them do not offer any guarantees when it comes to their work. The team at Ace Home Extensions are different! We provide the best home extensions in the UK. We’ve been the premier firm for over ten years and have thousands of satisfied customers. Our team of experts specializes in transforming your space into a happy, healthy, and welcoming home for you and your loved ones.

Whether it’s a small project like installing new windows or a major renovation like adding an extension to your house, we have the materials you need and are available to help you with all aspects of your job. We guarantee our work, so you can be certain that your extension is built to last. That’s not the only thing that makes us so special; we also offer various home extension services as highlighted below.


Our consultants are especially trained in giving the best design for your property so that you can apply it to your house. Our consultants will always make sure that you get the best design and we work with you to make it happen. We can also make the best out of your existing space so that the design is the most feasible one.


Our experts will always be there to help you plan everything so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We take care of all the planning and execution part at our end, do it right and then make a report for you so that you can see how much everything is going on right now.

Build and Construction

We are always here to help you with your construction. Our builders are trained in all kinds of constructions be it the ones with standard or even budgeted rates, so we can help you build at any place you want.

Quality Work

We always make sure that the work is being done by our own workers and they will be working as per your specifications. Hence you have nothing to worry about when it comes to quality of work and we at Your Home Extensions will make sure that everything is being done right at every stage of your life.


We have a team of professionals who are trained in maintenance and they will help you maintain your extension after its construction. We will make sure that they provide the best of service to you, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. At the same time, we also offer them insurance cover so that even if things go wrong with the maintenance, we still ensure that you get back on your feet in no time.

Design & Remodeling

Our team of designers are more than willing to help you redesign and remodel your house during and after construction. They are also trained in making it look new and give it the latest look with their renovations and designs.


With us there’s no need to worry about anything when it comes to equipment, we give you all the necessary equipment so that you can carry on with everything at your end as planned out by us while building your home extension.

Structural Engineering

Our home extensions company is equipped with a team of structural engineers who can analyze and examine any house structure, identify specific issues that could threaten the structure’s stability, and then create a plan of action and repair plan as needed. This also includes creating blueprints for new structures on-site like pools or adding extra floors onto a home.

Kitchen Extension

Adding a kitchen extension can transform your home into a more functional and enjoyable place to live, while also increasing its value. People are more likely to buy more property in a house if their kitchens have been enhanced with new appliances and new storage. We work closely with our clients to make sure that the transformation of their kitchen is done carefully and methodically.

We are your best home extensions company in the UK. We give you not only the best work but also the best service with a smile. We have been in this field for over ten years, so that even if there is any issue, we have all the experience in this field. Work with us and see how well your extensions come out and you feel happy with us. Our friendly team will be happy to talk through your requirements and provide a free consultation so that you can get an idea of what we can do for you.

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