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Home extensions are an excellent way to improve your existing Hunslet property, giving you a reliable way to add even more space to your home. Even a basic extension project can provide a lot more floor space, either as an entirely new room or an addition to an existing one.

With Hunslet extension projects becoming more and more popular, it is important to choose one that actually suits your home. Beyond that, having the right company supporting you can make all the difference.

We at Ace Home Extensions are a team of construction industry experts with a core focus on house extensions. Whether we are creating simple loft conversions or a complex double-storey extension, our work is meant to suit each client’s needs perfectly, adapted to fit their specific requirements.

Our bespoke house extension work ensures that you can get the exact kind of extension you need. We also take care of the project managing and materials sourcing work, providing everything you would need to get a brand new house extension done right.

If you are looking for new house extensions and are not sure where to start, then talk to our experts to learn more. Our projects can be tailored to your exact needs and preferences, with all of the project management taken care of.

For more information, get in touch and talk with a member of our team. If you want to know more about what we can offer in Hunslet, then get in touch with our team using the contact form below – we have a lot of house extension options that we can offer.

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Who Are Ace Home Extensions?

We are a team of dedicated, well-trained specialist home extension construction experts, all working to provide the best house extension project results possible.

Each one of our house extension jobs in Hunslet is handled completely bespoke, suited to match each new client’s requirements.

We provide a range of different house extension project types, from simple rear extensions, loft conversions to full kitchen extensions and renovations.

All of these are designed to be flexible, meaning that we can come up with a custom plan to suit your particular house extension needs.

Our expert team can be there from the very beginning, helping you plan out the proposed extension before the building work even begins. We can be involved in as much of the building project as you want, from the in-depth structural calculations to the finishing touches on the extension itself.

Why Choose Ace Home Extensions?

We can provide extremely high-quality home extensions in Hunslet, some of the best available. Each one of our extensions is built with a high level of care and forethought, making sure that each new building works for our client’s specific needs.

If you want a two-story house extension that provides more living space, then we can come up with a cost-effective plan that provides those results flawlessly.

A large part of our work is also project management, taking a lot of the pressure and planning work out of your hands to give you more peace of mind.

We can work with clients of any size, making sure to plan house extensions that perfectly match each client’s needs. We are available from the very start of the process until the very end, meaning that we can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want with each step of the house extension project.

Our Hunslet staff also have a wide range of expertise in different fields, meaning that we can take on a project manager role just as easily as we can provide the construction skills you need. No matter which part of the project you are stuck on, we can offer the experience and tools required to get everything started.

We have served customers from all over the UK, from areas as close as North West London and South West London to clients much further north. Whether you live in the North West London/South East London area or not, we can provide the services you need.

Over 15 Years Experience in Home Improvement

With over 15 years of experience in the house extensions market, we have been able to build up a long list of successful past projects in Hunslet and a deep pool of experience.

We have completed thousands of house extensions across the UK, from simple tasks to in-depth multi-stage conversion projects.

All of this experience means that we can provide a range of tailored solutions to each issue you might face, ensuring that you get the best possible house extension results with each step of the project.

Our past work has also allowed us to refine our skills, and we can produce stunning results under even the most specific requirements. We know how to stick to a client’s needs and limits in Hunslet while also providing the best results possible using all the services and skills we have available.

Leading Hunslet Home Extension Builders

As leading house extension builders, we know how to approach a range of extension project types in Hunslet. We can also offer competitive pricing and a range of tools or skills that other house extension groups cannot, making sure that we turn your existing house into the exact space you are looking for.

Whether you want a simple kitchen extension or a larger two-storey house extension with multiple rooms, we can make sure to support you every step of the way. We will not leave our clients stuck without any way of getting their building work done correctly.

We are happy to work on an existing house extension that might have fallen into disrepair or been designed incorrectly and can even help to update your existing house extensions if you need more space.

Every project is unique, and we know how to tailor our work to get bespoke results for each client.

What is a Home Extension?

In general, a home extension is any additional space that gets added alongside your home. A typical house extension will either add or expand a single room, effectively adding more space to the entire building. However, all extensions in Hunslet are unique, built specifically for that house.

Most extensions will mean things like a garage conversion, side extension, or single-storey rear extensions. However, they are effectively new rooms built from scratch, which means that they can be tailored to suit almost any purpose with enough effort.

This makes a good extension an excellent addition to your existing house since it can be used for almost any purpose. Figuring out the right way to approach an extension means looking at the specific requirements of each client, and we know how to tailor our work to a customer’s needs.

Types of Home Extensions We Offer in Hunslet

We have a range of house extensions on offer in Hunslet, most of which can be further adapted into their own unique or bespoke designs. While many house extensions are meant to have specific uses, there are some common design types that are worth knowing, especially if you are not aware of them already.

When planning a house extension, it is important to understand that the extension itself has a presence -all home extensions make a part of your home wider or longer. Choosing the right type can be important for maximising space usage on smaller properties or in cramped areas.

There are a lot of different ways that an average house extension can be built. Each project is bespoke and unique, but there will always be distinct designs that form the foundations of an extension.

Rear extensions

Rear extensions are a very versatile option when it comes to installing house extensions. These are placed at the back of your property, extending onto your garden or yard, and are very easy to plan out – smaller extensions of this type might not even require planning permission.

A good rear extension can be used to create more living space while also providing more of a connection between the inside of your home and the outdoor space around it. For example, you might add a door straight out into the garden or add large windows to the extension for more natural light.

Side return extensions

A side return extension is a very narrow kind of house extension, providing a quick way to enlarge a specific room without creating an entirely new space. These are often meant as ways to add more light to a space, make a smaller room larger, or even add new doors to the outside world.

Good side return extensions can have multiple uses, despite being quite small. They are often used in kitchens, but many people also find them useful as a general improvement to any part of the home. Even with their small size, they can be very versatile and customisable.

Wrap-around extensions

Wrap-around house extensions cover more than one side of the house, usually the side and back. This creates an L-shaped space that can either be kept as one room or split into multiple, meaning that it becomes a great option for both open-plan and closed-off floorplans.

This makes them a very reliable option in Hunslet with a lot of flexibility behind them since they can be installed on any corner of your home. Some homeowners use them as new corridors, while others use them to install or enlarge a brand new room such as a kitchen.

Double-storey extensions

Double-storey extensions are exactly what the name implies – house extensions that receive a second floor after the first is constructed. This essentially gives you double the house extension space and opens up a lot more options with how you use the added rooms.

While this can take more planning and cost more overall, it also provides a lot more floor space and can give you double the options to play with. For example, if your kitchen is directly below a bedroom, then you can extend both using one of these double-storey extensions.

Remember that this takes time to plan out, and not every home in Hunslet will be suited to double-storey extensions. Finding creative ways of using the added room can be a fun challenge, but you should consider those details before you commit to a house extension like this.

Single storey extensions

Single-storey projects could be anything from a rear extension utility room to a ground-floor kitchen addition. These are any projects that take place entirely on the ground floor – meaning that they are not second-story extensions, loft conversions, or other raised designs.

These are generally the default kind of extension that you will see in Hunslet, and they are also the easiest kind of major alteration to plan.

Dormer extensions

Dormer extensions are a kind of loft conversion that creates a new room in your roof. This is one of the most interesting house extensions we can offer since it does not actually encroach on your property – it is an upward extension.

This gives these spaces a very unique feel, and they are often used to create new bedrooms or hobby spaces. They can also be an ideal place to let more natural light into your home. However, as a loft conversion, more planning is required to get it all into a usable state.

The exact design of these dormer extensions depends on what you want and how easily we can construct a certain kind of loft conversion. Different designs have different requirements, and not every loft conversion is created equally – especially since most homes have different lofts.

Over Structure Extensions

Over-structure home extensions are built over an existing part of the home, including another extension. These are different from two-storey extension projects due to the fact that the first floor was not built with the intent of creating a second one.

Projects like this can be a great way to maximise space and provide more room without eating up more of your garden, allowing you to maintain an outdoor area and still extend your home.

While these projects can be tricky to plan out and might require more work to install, they also allow you to double the extra space that a single-storey extension gives you. This effectively gives you access to room that would otherwise just be unused space.

Kitchen extensions

Kitchen extensions are a specific kind of single-storey extension that can take a lot of different forms, but they are common enough to deserve their own type. Most kitchen extensions are meant to provide more room to the kitchen specifically, either adding more floor space or a new room entirely.

Improving your kitchen can be one of the most beneficial single-storey extension options for your home. Not only does a larger kitchen increase comfort, but it can give you more flexibility and freedom of movement in the kitchen as a whole.

Some people even install a kitchen extension as a way to turn their kitchen into a combination kitchen and dining room or as a way to open up extra space in preparation for a kitchen remodelling project in Hunslet.

Cellar or basement conversions

A cellar or basement conversion can be a good way to turn an unused basement into a usable room, similar to a loft conversion. Even the simplest conversion can give you access to an entirely new floor, which is prime to be converted into a living space or bedroom.

Basement conversions can take a while since there are specific building regulations and standards that have to be met before it can be considered a full room.

However, our experience with house extensions in Hunslet allows us to build usable basement conversions quickly and effectively, no matter what you plan to turn the space into.

Outbuilding, orangeries and conservatories

Outbuildings, conservatories and orangeries are all unique house extensions that are mostly glass-walled and glass-roofed, making them a great addition to any home with a major outdoor space.

These are very common house extensions since they can add a lot of practical value to a home.

If you have a large and impressive garden, then house extensions like this allow you to enjoy it while remaining indoors and sheltered. They can also double as greenhouses or other useful spaces and are highly customisable.

We can help you construct a brand new single-storey extension that operates like a conservatory, giving you the exact results you want based on the kind of space you are looking for.

We can also refine and reconstruct an existing conservatory to make it more in line with your expectations.


A porch is an outdoor area that often acts as either a front entrance or a back door, providing proper flooring and seating while still having open sides. These are another common type of house extension in Hunslet since they are relatively easy to construct compared to entire enclosed rooms.

Good porches rely on both an excellent plan and a good eye for design, and we can provide both. These house extensions are often very simple, but we know how to provide a great design without pushing building costs too far.


A sunroom is like a conservatory, only with a focus on maximising incoming light. This means that almost all surfaces are glass and that the space is designed to be open and bright at all times.

These are excellent house extensions for people who really value their outdoor areas and the natural lighting that they get since they can be tricky to design but look beautiful once completed.

Most Common Roof Extension Types, Shapes and Designs

When it comes to roof and loft conversion work, there are also specific sub-types to be aware of. These can all be explained in greater depth if you contact one of our experts – for now, just be aware that all loft conversion work falls under a specific kind of loft design.

Common loft conversion types include:

· Butterfly roof

· Dormer

· Flat roof

· Hip and valley roof

· Mansard

· Hip roof

If you want to know anything more about these home extensions, or any other work that we can do in Hunslet, then contact us directly. Our expert staff can provide the assistance you need to figure out what works for you, and our house extension builders know exactly how to start constructing it all.

Home Extension Projects

Our excellent Hunslet team includes a range of seasoned house extension builders, all of whom boast the skills needed to tackle a range of house extensions and other difficult projects. Whether you want small extensions or larger changes as part of a full house refurbishment, we can provide the exact results you are looking for.

All of our experts know how to handle building works like this, meaning that we can plan out house extensions that are guaranteed to meet your needs. Even the simplest of single-storey extensions can be fully adjusted and customised to meet your personal requirements.

We try to make all of our home extension building work as reliable and affordable as possible, keeping quality high and costs low. The last thing you ever want from a house extension is having imperfect results at a high price, especially an extension that has taken weeks to construct.

Want to know anything about how we operate or the specialists that we have hired as part of your main group? You can get in touch directly to learn more about what we can offer and the standard of quality that we always strive to achieve in Hunslet, no matter the project.

Hunslet Home Extension Cost

A home extension can cost varying amounts depending on the kind of work that needs to be done, meaning that each extension costs something slightly different. Bespoke work is often priced based on each specific project, and we have to tally up the exact costs for each new client we take on.

While it might sound like we can just use some extension cost calculator, home extensions are a very specific addition that requires a lot of careful planning. Loft extensions are even more notable since the exact size of different loft extensions directly impacts how much they cost.

The more we have to change, the more a project in Hunslet will cost. Making alterations to the existing roof will cost more, as will adding entirely new supports or structural pieces. We will always be able to walk you through the expected costs, telling you roughly what you should expect to pay.

We are also happy to come up with cost estimates as early as the planning stage. We do not wait until the house extensions are already underway to hit you with the numbers – we make sure that you understand the costs associated with each new idea or step of the project.

Type of Home ExtensionEstimated Cost Range
Rear Extensions£20,000 – £60,000
Side Return Extensions£30,000 – £70,000
Wrap-Around Extensions£40,000 – £100,000
Double-Storey Extensions£50,000 – £150,000
Single Storey Extensions£20,000 – £70,000
Dormer Extensions£30,000 – £70,000
Over Structure Extensions£60,000 – £150,000
Kitchen Extensions£20,000 – £70,000
Cellar or Basement Conversions£30,000 – £100,000
Outbuilding, Orangeries, and Conservatories£15,000 – £50,000
Porches£3,000 – £10,000
Sunrooms£20,000 – £60,000

Planning Permission for a Home Extension

Getting planning permission can be a requirement for all but the most basic of extensions. A tiny single-storey extension may not require planning permission, but anything that directly alters the profile of your home or impacts your neighbours will need it.

This can be important since starting to construct a single-storey extension without planning permission is illegal at best. Getting permission is important since it gives you the right to begin construction and allows neighbours to object to anything intrusive or neighbourhood-damaging.

If your extension falls under permitted development rights, then planning permission is not needed. It usually takes a visit from a Building Control Department building control officer – or another Hunslet authority – to tell if permitted development applies.

Building Regulations to Consider for House Extensions

Planning permission is not the only concern. Even single-storey extensions require proper regulations to be followed, and as professional extension builders, we need to know how to tackle each and every project in the right away.

We can run you through the full list of restrictions and regulations, so do not be afraid to ask. Any Hunslet conversion – single story extensions, loft conversion work, side extensions or a full home refurbishment – still need to be done legally and safely.

There is a lot of legal documentation involved, and it can be hard for a single person to manage. We can walk you through each part of the regulations, making sure to adapt your design to match any related legal requirements properly.

Hunslet Home Extension Plans

Planning is a major part of getting extensions right. Without a plan, even the most straightforward single-storey extensions become completely impossible to create, and there is no way to estimate the overall extension cost.

Side extensions, rear extension designs, or even a full house refurbishment can all have varying plans depending on your home layout. There is no single design that works for every home, and all of our work has to be done bespoke – which can include drawing up a plan of the new space.

Home Extension Drawing & Survey

We can provide all of the necessary drawing and surveying work you need, even offering our own building inspector specialists to help plan out viable extension options. Having our expertise on hand can give you peace of mind if you do not know enough about these extensions.

A local authority, including Building Control, will also need to look at the project, manage the response, and decide if it requires planning consent. You will also have to submit a building notice to your local authority.

Expanding Your Property

Expanding your own property requires a lot of hard work, but it is worth it. Whether you are looking into loft conversions or something else more specific, it is always a worthwhile investment. The only important thing is choosing the right Hunslet build company.

Benefits of a House Extension

A house extension can be a great addition for a range of reasons:

· Added space for day-to-day activities.

· Improved views and more chances to customise or rework your room layout.

· More options for future enhancements.

· Increased comfort.

· Better use of an outdoor area.

Each extension (and home) is different, and no two are going to have quite the same impact on the property. This means that you get a lot of chances to tailor your space to your needs and preferences.

Home Extensions Completed Within 3 Weeks

We can aim to get our extensions done within a 3-week period, providing the best possible building trade options we can. Originating as a family-run company, we now have enough skills and tools to offer fast-paced and reliable construction as a build company.

Of course, delays can still happen. Our Hunslet build company has a dedicated project manager that will attempt to minimise delays and setbacks whenever possible.

Bespoke Home Extensions

Our bespoke home extension work is something that not every building company can do. We try to offer exactly what our clients want and need, down to highly specific features or material choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way to extend a house?

In most cases, the cheapest extension cost would be something small, space-efficient, and single-storey. If you want to know the most cost-effective option available, contact us for a free consultation.

What is the average price of a house extension?

The average cost of a UK extension can be anywhere between £15,000 and £60,000 depending on the scale of the work involved. Again, if you need help knowing what costs to expect, contact us for your free consultation.

How much does it cost to add a single-storey extension?

A mid-to-large-sized single-storey extension can cost around £35,000 on average, more if you are getting additional work done.

What size extension can I build without planning permission?

A six-meter extension (eight for a detached house) is the most you can do without planning permission. It also has to be no taller than four meters and remain entirely on your property.

Do I need an architect for an extension?

Architects are incredibly valuable. While you technically only need the drawings for planning permission applications, an architect can often be a great safeguard against miscalculations or plan mistakes.

How long does an extension take?

An extension project can take multiple months from start to finish, but this covers every part of the construction and planning. It can be hard to estimate project times with so many different options and bespoke tweaks involved.

Does an extension add value to your home?

Extensions can boost your property value by almost a full quarter (23% or more), and they also add practical value in terms of extra space.

What is the first thing to do when planning an extension?

Always come up with a basic plan and submit planning applications first. Not having permission can cause major problems later on and even get you in major trouble.

Is a small extension worth it?

A small extension can provide a lot of extra floor space, and it can be a nice addition to your home overall. The size of an extension is less important than the value it adds to your life at home.

Do I need my Neighbours permission to build an extension?

Neighbours can only object if your extension requires permission. If not, they have no say since there should technically be no reason for them to object.

What Type of Extension Adds the Most Value?

Loft extensions, especially bedroom conversions, can be an incredibly high-value addition. These can boost your home value by a huge amount and easily pay for themselves.

Free Home Extension Quote

As mentioned earlier, we can provide a free quote to help you understand the expected cost of each plan. We are also happy to talk over your plans and help you refine them into something more cost-effective or suitable for your budget.

We are one of the top home extension companies in Hunslet, providing a range of tools and services to help homeowners get the extensions that they want. A varied set of skills and a range of different specialists means that we can tackle almost any bespoke extension design.

You can contact us through our contact form if you want to know more. Do not hesitate to approach us with a specific design or plan – we can take a look and help you refine it into something that works.

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